[ros-users] mailing list reorganization

Brian Gerkey gerkey at willowgarage.com
Thu Jul 14 19:23:16 UTC 2011

hi everybody,

Back when ros-users@ was a high-traffic list, we created
ros-developers@ and ros-review@ as more targeted lower-traffic forums.
 That organization had the unintended consequence of leaving a lot of
people out of design and review discussions where they might have had
useful input.

Now, with the success of answers.ros.org in taking over most users
questions, especially the trouble-shooting kind, we have three
low-traffic lists.  So we're collapsing them into one: ros-users at .  We
expect ros-users@ to continue to be low-traffic; no need to worry
about an imminent flood of email on this list.

Please continue to post trouble-shooting questions at answers.ros.org.

I've just done the following:
(1) removed everyone from ros-review@ and ros-developers@
(2) added to ros-users@ everyone who was on ros-review@ and/or
ros-developers@ and not already on ros-users@

On (2), if you prefer not to be on ros-users@, feel free to
unsubscribe, and let me know if you need help with that.  I took the
unusual liberty of subscribing people to make sure that nobody is
inadvertently left out.

For the sake of links in archived messages, mail sent to ros-review@
and ros-developers@ will forward to ros-users@ (but it's better to
post to ros-users@ directly).

Apologies for any confusion caused by recent subscription-related
email that you received.


p.s. For the curious, here are some numbers:

# subscribers before the change:
ros-users@: 1116
ros-developer@: 112
ros-review@: 48

# people added to ros-users@ today: 29

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