[ros-users] ROS Best Practices

Brian Gerkey gerkey at willowgarage.com
Thu Jul 21 18:35:01 UTC 2011


Just in the past week, I've heard several independent requests for
"best practices" for ROS.    Must be something in the air.

Here's a new wiki page for linking to known best practices, and for
posting requests for new best practices to be described:

ROS was designed to be maximally flexible, starting with the mantra,
"we don't wrap your main()." This flexibility has surely contributed
to the growth of the user and developer community, allowing ROS to be
used on a wide variety of platforms, in myriad ways.

But, with a few years under our collective belt, the community has
matured to a point where "best practices" are in demand. We're not
talking about standards, but rather statements of how best to achieve
common tasks with ROS. Best practices are advice to developers on how
to design, build, and configure ROS systems, with the goal of
improving efficiency, interoperability, and shared understanding of
those systems.

Please help out by requesting or providing advice!


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