[ros-users] Rename of JNI based rosjava

Lorenz Mösenlechner moesenle at in.tum.de
Thu Jul 21 13:11:59 UTC 2011


as of electric, we renamed the old, JNI based rojava implementation to
rosjava_jni. The corresponding stack was also renamed, from
client_rosjava to client_rosjava_jni. Please rename your local
checkouts accordingly. The repository URI did not change, so just
renaming the stack directory is enough.

If you still have code that depends on the old version of rosjava and
want to keep it, please install the new stack and rename the
dependency on rosjava in the manifest file to rosjava_jni.

Debian packages for electric/unstable are already available. For
diamondback, we will provide Debian packages under the old stack name
and the new one to keep old code running but make it possible to
rename the dependencies.

If you find any problems, please let me know.


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