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A further inquiry on this topic:

Could someone point myself and Thibault to other packages (in other repos) that perform local path planning and conform to the move_base interface?  And maybe comment on their performance...



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the navigation stack contains the trajectory planner and the dwa local 
planner. What is the ROS community recommendation with regards to those 
two? Which one should one rather use? The wiki recommends dwa, but I am 
not sure how recent that information is.

Is there a strategy for how to evolve them in the future?
The wiki provides only very sparse information about those two, and from 
it it seems strange that the two planners don't share more common code. 
Also it seems one copied a lot from the other, so there is a lot of 
duplicate similar code anyway, which for me would be a reason to unify 
the sources, so that bugfixes and improvements to one also affect the other.

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