[ros-users] segway_rmp driver and rmp100

David Rajaratnam daver_ml at gemarex.com.au
Thu Jun 23 11:58:36 UTC 2011

Hi William,

Thanks for the quick reply.

On 23/06/11 18:45, William Woodall wrote:
> David, I am actually in the middle of revamping the segway-rmp-ros-pkg
> to include support for both usb and serial communication, and in the
> process I am changing a lot about the way the node works.  If I
> remember correctly there rmp100 series have different constants (for
> determining wheel speed, integrated position, etc...) because it has
> different wheel sizes and such to the rmp200, I am including an option
> in my new node to support both the rmp200/400 and the rmp50/100, but
> that doesn't exist just yet.
> I literally just finished the underlying segway library
> (http://williamjwoodall.com/2011/06/21/my-segway-rmp-library-libsegwayrmp/)
> and rewrote most of the ROS node today, it should be ready by the end
> of the week.
Your new libsegwayrmp library sounds great. I'm also mainly using linux
so having it working with the default linux VCP interface is definitely
a bonus.

> Blocks are _always_ a good idea, the Segway RMP's are very powerful
> machines and always command some respect.  I think the IRI test
> program should warn you, but I know there are warnings in the comments
> of the source of the test program, not that I would expect anyone to
> look there first.
Yes. I've learnt my lesson about having the segway on blocks.  The
shocked look on my face when the segway took off would probably have
made one of those funniest home video type shows :). I (stupidly) didn't
look at the source and wasn't expecting the IRI test program to move the
robot. I guess I just thought it would print information to the screen
to the effect that it had established the connection and everything was
looking good.

> The ROS node shouldn't move unless messages are being published on the
> /cmd_vel topic, but I have not explicitly tested the RMP100 so this
> might be new behavior.  If you can wait, the new packages will be out
> soon, or I am happy to try and help you debug this version more tomorrow.
Ok. I'm sure I had no other nodes running so the wheels spinning was not
the expected behaviour :).

Thanks very much for the offer to help me debug the problem tomorrow.
However I won't have access to the segway again till Monday so I'm happy
to wait for a bit.  I'll take a look at your reposi your code and try
and get things going again on Monday. And hopefully, I can be of some
service even if it is just testing your driver out on an rmp100.


> Good night,
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> William Woodall
> Graduate Software Engineering
> Auburn University
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> wjwwood at gmail.com <mailto:wjwwood at gmail.com>
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> On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 2:10 AM, David Rajaratnam
> <daver_ml at gemarex.com.au <mailto:daver_ml at gemarex.com.au>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I'm trying to get the segway_rmp stack
>     (http://www.ros.org/wiki/segway_rmp) working and was wondering if
>     there
>     was anyone else using these drivers (which wrap the IRI drivers) to
>     connect to a segway rmp100.
>     I haven't found too much information on the difference between the rmp
>     100 and 200 so was assuming/hoping that it would work the same - my
>     reasoning was that someone else on the team got the segway working
>     under
>     player using some general rmp player driver.
>     Anyway, when I ran the iri's 'test_segway_rmp_200' program it sent the
>     segway hurtling into the desk. To protect myself (and everyone else)
>     from my stupidity the segway is now on blocks. I next ran the
>     segway_rmp200 ros node and the node looked like it started up ok
>     with an
>     info message saying something like "Segway Ready".  However, it had a
>     similar result as before where the wheels were sent spinning
>     wildly till
>     some sort of overload failsafe kicked in.
>     So I was wondering if anyone else is trying to do the same - or am I
>     doing something obviously stupid.
>     Cheers,
>     Dave
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