[ros-users] Portal page for interoperability with other systems (SciPy, Matlab, LabView, etc)

Patrick Bouffard bouffard at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 30 17:56:42 UTC 2011

One gap I see in the ROS ecosystem right now is information about
tools and methods to interoperate with some of the most common tools
for display and analysis like Matlab, LabView, SciPy etc. In some
cases there are bits and pieces here and there; a search for 'matlab'
on the ROS wiki does bring up some useful tidbits. Bgut especially for
new users I think it would be useful to have some sort of portal page
or pages on the wiki similar to the Robots and Sensors pages that can
bring together the disparate tools and methods for working with these

I was going to post this on answers.ros.org but it seemed like more of
a 'discussion' topic -- I can start a page but it might be good to
brainstorm first on what should go there and how to structure things.
And of course whether others would consider this a useful addition as

Plus, ros-users is just too quiet these days. :)


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