[ros-users] Calculating height of objects in 3D point clouds

guru hegde guru84_00 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 18:24:20 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Sorry about the information i missed in my last post. I have already transformed 
the camera data to world coordinates considering the tilt and other external 
parameters.  But the problem is how do i calculate length, breadth or height of 
individual segments from their associated point cloud. 

As i have a grid of points for each segment i need to know how to consider these 
points to calculate length, breadth or height. 

For e.g., if a segment is such that it is directly facing the camera, to know 
its height, it is sufficient to calculate the distance between the points on the 
top most row and the bottom most row of the segment. The points which are in 
between need not be considered. 

obviously this heuristic works for a special case. I would like to know if there 
is a more general way to address this issue.

I haven't considered kinect yet.

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