[ros-users] Pyyaml using easy_install on Mac OS X

S.Sudarshan sudarshan85 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 02:39:22 UTC 2011


Thanks for your reply.

As far as easy_install... If I recall correctly there are multiple
> easy_installs (e.g. easy_install25, easy_install26, etc or something along
> those lines) that you could run, each that installs for a different version
> of Python.
> Easiest test for whether or not yaml will import would be something along
> the lines of "/usr/bin/env python" and then try to "import yaml" in the
> interpreter that pops up. "/usr/bin/env python" is the shebang line all ROS
> python scripts should be using and should get you to whichever Python ROS
> will actually be using.
> Hope that helps.
> - Eric

Ok..."which easy_intall" revealed /usr/bin/easy_install...which I believe is
not the one that I need. So I checked at /opt/local/bin and there was
easy_install-2.6. So I did "sudo easy_install-2.6 -U pyyaml" and no luck,
gave me the same error as before. However, as you suggested I launched
python and tried to import yaml and it imported without any problems.

So I went ahead and tried rosinstall (which I had installed using
easy_install. When I tried to install rosinstall using easy_install-2.6 it
said rosinstall was already active.) but I got the same error about not
being able to import yaml.

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