[ros-users] CoroWare is seeking s/w dev interns with ROS / Phidgets experience

Rob Mackie RMackie at coroware.com
Fri May 27 00:57:39 UTC 2011


Thank you for any assistance in finding a grad./undergrad. internship for our ROS integration on our robots.

Below is a brief on the job description.

Thank you,

Rob Mackie



As a brief introduction, CoroWare is a solutions integrator with expertise in mobile robotics, HD videoconferencing, and service oriented business applications. The Robotics Team produces open source/system platforms for academic and research departments.


[Explorer 2.gif]

We are actively seeking  graduate or undergraduate students with software development experience primarily in Robotic Operating System (ROS); programming experience in Player/Stage is a plus+.   We are looking for internship positions this summer as well as this coming academic year.

At this time: robot software development persons with direct ROS / Phidgets experience.
We work in Ubuntu & Win7e and are expanding on interfaces for mobile devices and http/js; so there is room for different types of folks.

Because our company operates a desktop and room HD videoconferencing service, our developers can and do work anywhere in the world.

Please contact us at your eariliest convienence.

Robert Mackie
CoroWare Robotics Team Admin.
800-641-2676  x719
206-930-6325  cell
rmackie at coroware.com<mailto:rmackie at coroware.com>

Lloyd Spencer
President and CEO CoroWare
800 641-2676, x756
206.910.5649  cell
lspencer at coroware.com<mailto:lspencer at coroware.com>

CoroWare Technologies
1410 Market Street
Kirkland, WA  98033
Fax: +1.425.818.8990 / (800) 641-2676
[CoroCall Logo.jpg]<http://www.corocall.com/>

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