[ros-users] Installation problems on Fedora

Anders Nilsson andersn at control.lth.se
Thu May 12 14:45:35 UTC 2011

On Thursday 12 May 2011 16.05.23 Steven Bellens wrote:
> > I think not all of required ruby tools is installed on your system...
> > Which ruby version
> > do you have ( ruby --version)  and which version of 'gem' ( gem
> > --version ) ? It should work in the end since I know at least one
> > Orocos/ROS user running everything on Fedora.
> I guess that would be me :).
> I'm running ROS and OROCOS happily on a Fedora machine. Currently
> Fedora 14, but I started with Fedora 11 - which (together with all
> subsequent releases) also worked. I always use the 64-bit version,
> BTW. Indeed, as you already mention, the Fedora support is not as good
> as the Ubuntu support but you should definitely get it working. A few
> remarks in general about the major differences (I see you bumped into
> these already)
> * no prebuild ros / orocos packages - compilation from source is necessary
> ** I'm currently running ROS diamondback which I installed using the
> ROS fedora installation instructions (you found those I see). Be
> prepared to not have all ros dependencies resolved automatically (I
> filed some patches to update the dependencies when I installed
> diamondback, but most certainly those did not cover all missing
> packages) - If you see some dependency is not resolved for your
> platform, add it to the corresponding rosdep.yaml file and upload a
> patch :)
> ** orocos packages aren't available either. I'm running orocos using
> the orocos_toolchain_ros git repository, available at
> http://git.mech.kuleuven.be/?p=robotics/orocos_toolchain_ros.git
> Some more information about the use of the toolchain stack here:
> * don't forget to source the env.sh script after compilation
> * the rubygem (hoe) package  I have installed:
> rubygem-hoe: 2.9.4
> ruby:

Same here but rosmake still complains about not being able to load Hoe

> * keep in mind that you only need to worry about these in case you are
> using orogen. OCL and RTT will work fine without.

OK, quite possible that we can live without orogen.

> * As you already discovered, omniORB is not prepackaged in the Fedora
> repos. I downloaded it and compiled it from source.
> * I remember having some issues with bullet as well, which I
> eventually was able to solve, but I'm not sure what it was about
> exactly anymore.

I Didn't see any complaints.

> anyway, let us know if you still have installation problems!

Seems to build now, except for orogen.

Thanks for the info.


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