[ros-users] REP 3: Target Platforms updates for Fuerte and Groovy

Stéphane Magnenat stephane at magnenat.net
Mon Nov 7 08:46:06 UTC 2011


What is the plan w.r.t. C++11? Now that the standard is out, and that a 
large part of features are available in recent g++ releases, we will see 
many upstream libraries going for it. As upstream developer, it is 
clearly always a question of whether to adopt such a recent standard, 
but given the huge speed-up in development it brings in some cases, I 
have decided to go for using features that are at least in gcc 4.4.

To allow integration of recent code from research, I think that ROS 
should, whenever possible, embrace C++11.

Kind regards,


Dr Stéphane Magnenat

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