[ros-users] How to Build a Map Using Logged Data

Mac Mason mac at cs.duke.edu
Tue Nov 8 02:11:02 UTC 2011

When you stop recording (with ctrl-C), this should rename the active bag to
just .bag.


Julian "Mac" Mason      mac at cs.duke.edu      www.cs.duke.edu/~mac

On Nov 7, 2011, at 6:34 PM, Ricardo Campos <ricardo_campos_vsc at hotmail.com>


I have a doubt when I try to build a Map Using Logged Data.

When* I create a bag with my robot*, I use the next instruction:

*rosbag record -O mylaserdata /base_scan /tf*

But, with this instruction is created one .bag file named
*mylaserdata.bag.active*, instead of being created one .bag file with
the name *mylaserdata.bag*.

I do not understand the reason for this to happen.


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