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Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Fri Nov 11 10:26:05 UTC 2011

A Dijous 10 Novembre 2011, Jochen Sprickerhof va escriure:
> * Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <leo at alaxarxa.net> [2011-11-10 18:03]:
> [..]
> > well, I agree with you. It's frustrating for the Debian people (at last 
> > me) cannot compile (or create) the debs packages of ros. Also, I would 
like to 
> > introduce the problem that for a system admin, like me, ros works so well 
in a 
> > box alone, with one user that it's also root(sudo), but it's not easy to 
> > maintain a group of boxes with ros if you don't want to give sudo 
> > to the users.
> what's your problem here? Apart from ps3joy.py (which could run as a
> service) and sixpair I haven't found a problem till now.

well my problem is basically that I don't have packages for a debian 
distribution. So, if you have a group of boxes and a group of users that use 
ros, you have to take care how to install ros in the different boxes.

If the boxes are similar (amd64 or i386) you can make one installation and 
then rsync between boxes or share the directory (nfs, samba, etc).

Another problem is that the default umask in a debian distro is 0022 or 0002, 
so you have to take care that all the users have the umask adecuately in the 
way that if they compile a package, all the users group could erase or 
recompile that package.

But, OTOH maybe I'm wrong and maintain a ros installation is more easy and I 
don't know how to do it. Probably some advices about of a multi-user/ multi-
system could be a good information.



Ps I would like to mention that the people, IMHO are using the "concept" 
debian packages [1]. To me, these are not "debian packages" are ubuntu 
packages or debs packages (as rpm)

[1] http://www.ros.org/wiki/electric/Installation/Ubuntu

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