[ros-users] REP 116 pluginlib extension

Dirk Thomas mail at dirk-thomas.net
Mon Nov 21 12:32:52 UTC 2011

Great - until now I counted +6.
This sound like the patch could be committed in the near future.

@Tully: Could you take care of applying the patch since I don't have the necessary write-access (at least for now :-) ).
I guess the next ROS version containing the patch will have an increased patch release version number?
Then we can check for this version in order to use the feature if it is available.

> I apologize for not following closely earlier...   once packages have
> been installed, what happens, if anything, to package-relative paths
> and the code that uses them?

I don't now how installed packages are handled (I actually never did it before).

> The installed layout would look
> something like (still flexible):
> /opt/
>    ros/
>      <xturtle>/
>        include/
>        lib/
>        bin/
>        etc/
>        share/
>          <package1>/
>            cmake/
>            resources/
>              (stuff)
>          <package2>/
>            cmake/
>            resources/
>               ....
> Who needs to know whether we are installed or not?  Where would the manifest go?

I would have expected that the package-internal paths of built libraries, Python code and resources like icons etc. are staying the same.
So I would assume that the maifest.xml files are in the packageN folders?
Can anybody confirm if this assumptions is correct?


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