[ros-users] REP 116 pluginlib extension

Troy Straszheim straszheim at willowgarage.com
Mon Nov 21 16:15:01 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 4:32 AM, Dirk Thomas <mail at dirk-thomas.net> wrote:
> Great - until now I counted +6.
> This sound like the patch could be committed in the near future.
> @Tully: Could you take care of applying the patch since I don't have the
> necessary write-access (at least for now :-) ).
> I guess the next ROS version containing the patch will have an increased
> patch release version number?
> Then we can check for this version in order to use the feature if it is
> available.
>> I apologize for not following closely earlier...   once packages have
>> been installed, what happens, if anything, to package-relative paths
>> and the code that uses them?
> I don't now how installed packages are handled (I actually never did it
> before).

Well the operation of "make install" hasn't yet existed... that's the point.

>> The installed layout would look
>> something like (still flexible):
>> /opt/
>>   ros/
>>     <xturtle>/
>>       include/
>>       lib/
>>       bin/
>>       etc/
>>       share/
>>         <package1>/
>>           cmake/
>>           resources/
>>             (stuff)
>>         <package2>/
>>           cmake/
>>           resources/
>>              ....
>> Who needs to know whether we are installed or not?  Where would the
>> manifest go?
> I would have expected that the package-internal paths of built libraries,
> Python code and resources like icons etc. are staying the same.
> So I would assume that the maifest.xml files are in the packageN folders?
> Can anybody confirm if this assumptions is correct?

I can confirm that it is not.   Packages will specify what gets
installed, and where, via the cmake install() macro, something like
the above.


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