[ros-users] REP Extend pluginlib

Ken Conley kwc at willowgarage.com
Fri Oct 7 00:12:46 UTC 2011

It has been assigned REP 116.


 - Ken

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Dirk Thomas <mail at dirk-thomas.net> wrote:

> Hi Tully,
> we have talked about ticket #4887 lately which is about extending pluginlib
> with several features.
> Finally I had the time to write the corresponding REP.
> Could you please add the attached REP to the repository and website (I hope
> it is formatted correctly)?
> I have also updated the attached patch in trac to fit current unstable of
> pluginlib.
> I will try to push a branch of the currently developed ROS GUI soon which
> utilizes this modified pluginlib and demonstrates the use cases.
> Depending on how much feedback/questions will come up we might need to
> schedule a Skype conference to talk about it efficiently - let's see...
> Dirk
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