[ros-users] rosinstall with git

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Sun Oct 30 07:47:55 UTC 2011

Thanks, Troy,
>>   The
>> tracking branch was created to avoid certain git user interaction to happen
>> during rosinstall.
> I wondered why it was like that.  What user interaction
I don't know, Tully did that back then, with an earlier git version. He 
could not tell me either.
> - One would generally prefer that things not be too clever.  (options
> 2 and 3...  Maybe I could be convinced that these are actually
> simple.)
Even though I implemented 2 as a patch, I tend to agree now.

> -  the vcstool 'update' step shouldn't rebase, it seems to me:  maybe
> I've pushed changes someplace already, and post-rebase my commits now
> have different hashes.  If the merge isn't a fast-forward, or if the
> checkout is dirty, maybe vcstool should just 'fetch', and the user
> should merge.
I generally like fast-forward only with option 4.
I think I'll go and implement a patch for that, and see how that goes.

I also just checked for rosinstall with hg, and that one abandons current
head if there is a more recent branch head on remote (or local).
It's not equivalent to rebasing in git, but maybe not nice neither?
As in: you do some work, commit, call rosinstall, and then your repo is 
on a
head without your commits included.


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