[ros-users] RoboEarth ROS stack released

RoboEarth info at roboearth.org
Fri Sep 9 10:03:14 UTC 2011

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the RoboEarth ROS stack.

This stack currently allows you to create 3D object models and upload them
to RoboEarth. It also provides packages to download any model stored in
RoboEarth and detect the described object using a Kinect or an RGB-webcam.

The main packages are:
- re_object_recorder: Allows you to create your own 3D object model using
Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. By recording and merging point clouds gathered
from different angles around the object, a detailed model is created, which
may be shared with the world by uploading it to RoboEarth.
- re_kinect_object_detector: Allows you to detect objects you download from
RoboEarth using a Kinect.
- re_vision: Allows you to detect objects you download from RoboEarth using
a common RGB camera (i.e., no Kinect is required for detection).

For more information, please see
or our web site

Additionally, a demonstration video is available at

We are looking forward to your feedback.

The RoboEarth Team
info at roboearth.org
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