[ros-users] Reminder: Last day to sign of for ROS Fuerte Release SIGs

Ken Conley kwc at willowgarage.com
Wed Sep 14 17:08:11 UTC 2011

Today is the last day to sign up.  At the end of the day we will start
contacting the various SIGs so they can start on phase 2.




Phase I (Until September 14)

The process is very simple:

Propose an SIG: anyone can propose an SIG. Please only propose an SIG
if you are willing to contribute.
Signup for an SIG: anyone can signup for an SIG. Please only signup
for an SIG if you are willing to contribute (e.g. code).
The signup period will last until September 14th.

If you are proposing a SIG, we urge you to recruit authors/maintainers
of the relevant software -- the authority of what goes in/out of a
library remains with the maintainer/author, so their buy-in is
crucial. Similarly, we encourage authors/maintainers to signup for
SIGs that are relevant to their software.

Phase II (September 14-30)

After the signup period, any SIG that has at least two people signed
up for it will be considered valid.

The follow-up process is also very simple:

Each SIG designates a SIG Coordinator. If an SIG cannot agree on a
coordinator, one will be chosen for you.
The coordinator will organize planning meeting(s) for the SIG. This
can be over IRC, video chat, at IROS, or whatever medium bests fits
the composition of your SIG. The deadline for these meetings is
September 28th.
Each SIG group will post their planning notes as a sub-page of
http://ros.org/wiki/fuerte/Planning/<SIG-NAME>. The deadline for
posting these notes is September 30th. SIGs can have followup
meetings, but this initial deadline is to ensure that the SIG is

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