[ros-users] openni-drivers

Jochen Sprickerhof ros-users at jochen.sprickerhof.de
Fri Apr 6 17:45:45 UTC 2012

Hi Traveler,

* Traveler <traveler.hauptman at iit.it> [2012-04-06 19:26]:
> ROS's openni-drivers bundle Makefile needs work to make in useable
> with the archlinux packager (mainly assuming the install root is '/'
> needs to be generalized to $DESTDIR). I'm not too swift with hg. Can
> I just post a patch file? To where?

You could put them into the bug tracker ;).

> Also, from a packaging perspective, it's nice to be able to use the
> original sources. I already have archlinux packages for openni, etc,
> but there is some magic happening with pkgconfig.pc files... any
> chance those could be pushed upstream?

Apart from the .pc changes (which are rather minor afair), we have quite
some patches in there and are working on getting them in better shape.
I have a change the variants in PCL already to be closer to upstream
(maybe that would be an example for arch as well) and the stuff in the
hg will hopefully get better soon.

> Also, in those .pc files, is ROS using the info injected into __VERSION__?

Afaik not, why do you ask?

> -traveler



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