[ros-users] RFC: rviz on Android

Dariush Forouher forouher at iti.uni-luebeck.de
Mon Apr 23 13:50:29 UTC 2012

Interesting, thanks for the many answers.

I agree, building ROS apps for the browser is generally preferable for 
portability reasons.  I don't know whether a fullfledged rviz is doable 
inside the browser, however. wviz looks nice, though.

@Dave: Working together on this sounds like a great idea. I was thinking 
of handing this out as a student project as well. Once I've found 
someone Ill contact you to see where we can contribute.


Am 21.04.2012 04:06, schrieb Michael Carroll:
> I would certainly be interested in helping out.  I did a somewhat-iOS
> capable ROS bridge based on a 3rd party app for the iPhone and iPad, but
> I don't know that it's really a suitable long term solution.
> I, too, was considering something along the lines of rosbridge for a
> more fully-featured cross platform "app" (which could support any web
> enabled device).
> I think that if a "mobile ROS" is done, it should be with the goal to be
> as cross platform as possible.  I understand this becomes cumbersome
> when it comes to Rviz, but for most of the other interesting day-to-day
> information, widgets and text should cover it.
> ~mc
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 13:00, Dave Hershberger <hersh at willowgarage.com
> <mailto:hersh at willowgarage.com>> wrote:
>     er, I meant he's starting in May and I hope that in *June* we'll be
>     ready to farm out the Display subclass work.
>     Dave
>     On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Dave Hershberger
>     <hersh at willowgarage.com <mailto:hersh at willowgarage.com>> wrote:
>         That's great, thanks.  The project is supposed to start sometime
>         in May when my intern arrives.  Hopefully sometime in April
>         we'll be ready to start writing Display classes, which is the
>         place that looks easiest (to me) to farm out different pieces of
>         work.  All Displays are subclasses of the Display class and they
>         all use the same APIs do their various work, and there are about
>         20 of them.
>         It will also be great to have people testing and reporting bugs
>         in different use cases we might not see in-house.
>         Dave

Institut für Technische Informatik / Universität zu Lübeck

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