[ros-users] Fuerte install notes - turtlebot

Melonee Wise mwise at willowgarage.com
Wed Aug 1 04:49:59 UTC 2012

Hi Bill -

Thanks for the great contribution. It would be great if you could link
these off the TurtleBot installation/upgrade page on the ROS wiki so that
others could find this documentation more easily.


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 9:29 PM, Bill Phillips <n6rqy at att.net> wrote:

> Also, I apparently can’t spell “turtlebot” consistently. Sheesh….****
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> Bill****
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> Attached are some rough notes I made about a clean install of Fuerte on a
> Turtlebot and a developer workstation. I am using a turtlebot with the
> Lenovo x130e laptop so this is specific to that setup.
> I apologize in advance for not attributing the information correctly, as
> most of it was pulled from ROS.org or it's peers (answers.ros.org, etc.)
> during my installation and testing. This is still in rough draft form but I
> wanted to get it out there to see if it was helpful or not. I intend a more
> complete draft with proper attribution in the near future.
> I can say from my little experience with ROS and the turtlebot that fuerte
> is easier to set up and rviz is leaps and bounds above what it was in
> electric. Well, at least for me. :)
> Thanks in advance for taking a look at this.
> Bill****
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