[ros-users] Uservoice-like Suggestions Page

Jonathan Bohren jonathan.bohren at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 09:41:16 UTC 2012

So how about this, since it integrates with the current
infrastructure, and is free:


We can add documentation on the ROS wiki explaining how to submit
feature requests, and then we can use this tag on ros answers to keep
track of them, and vote on them.


On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 3:04 AM, David Lu!! <davidlu at wustl.edu> wrote:
> Is there any interest in a uservoice-like suggestions page for the ROS
> Community at large?
> Example: http://feedback.seesmic.com/forums/162042-seesmic-ping-service-web-
> Run by http://www.uservoice.com/
> The general idea is that people post suggestions for ROS features,
> other users vote on a couple ideas they'd like to see happen as well,
> and then common needs are identified.
> For example, I want a general solution for the PR2 to use an elevator.
> JSK has a demo that works in their elevator, but I'd like one that
> works for mine. I could (theoretically) code that up myself, but if
> I'm the only one who wants to use it, then I'll probably make do with
> opening the elevator doors myself. However, if I knew that every other
> PR2 site in the world also wanted an elevator capable PR2, then I
> might be more inclined to write that node.
> -DL!!
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