[ros-users] Fuerte ROS_PACKAGE_PATH

Antons Rebguns anton at email.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 9 21:16:35 UTC 2012

Hello folks,

I am trying to get the Fuerte release working on my machine and having
some trouble with generated ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. The problem is that all
entries in the path are not prefixed with the path where all my
packages are installed.

Here is the output of "echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH" right after running
rosinstall and executing "source ~/ros-f/setup.bash":


I used the following rosinstall file:
with this command:

rosinstall ~/ros-f/

so I would expect all entries in my path to be prefixed with the
expansion of ~/ros-f instead of just taking the local-path element
from the rosinstall file and dumping it into the path variable.

Ubuntu 10.04
rosinstall version 0.6.2 (updated today)
updated Fuerte debs

Am I doing it wrong?


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