[ros-users] ros on ohloh

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Wed Mar 28 20:58:14 UTC 2012

Hi all,

ohloh.net is a website that just regularly collects commit data from
repositories and accumulates it for presentation.

I updated the ROS entries on ohloh.net for the core ros repositories, I
think some of you may have fun to look at the statistics while waiting for
a gcc compile or so:


This aggregates all stacks into three ohloh projects, which is only useful
as a general overview of ROS sources, feel free to create a separate ohloh
entry for subprojects.

Also I believe ohloh can be useful for the ROS community to track a bit
who is who, as in who has contributed how much and since when to what open
source project. If you feel the same, please register with ohloh and take
claim of all the hard work you did in any opensource projects. Registering
is free and quick (just id + password).

You can also on ohloh give kudos to anyone you feel did a good job, like
Linux Thorvalds, or possibly the inventors of your favorite programming
language, mail client or IDE, and maybe somebody will give you kudos as
well, promoting good software design and open source.


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