[ros-users] possible rospy publisher issue?

John.Mcculloch at csiro.au John.Mcculloch at csiro.au
Thu Mar 29 04:57:51 UTC 2012


I have an issue I raised on ROS Answers where a suggestion I received was to bring it to this forum:

I have a visualiser running on a laptop via a wifi connection subscribing to GPS messages. When the wifi is dropped the rospy gps publisher hangs (preventing vehicle control through other subscribers). When the wifi is re-established the publisher continues where it left off.

I have duplicated my issue with the talker listener tutorials and it is only a rospy issue. e.g. start both roscpp and rospy talkers (publishing to the same chatter topic), and on a wirelessly connected pc start a listener (from memory it doesn't matter which of the rospy or roscpp ones), drop the wifi connection, and later (perhaps 1 minute) the rospy publisher hangs, but the roscpp continues OK.  I am less clear on the behaviour when reconnecting - it seems to depend on how long the connection is lost for.

Hope this is not wasting people's time.


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