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Jonathan Claassens jclaassens at csir.co.za
Mon May 14 19:36:58 UTC 2012

Hi Dorian,

CRI is a complete rewrite of rviz, although I did peek under its hood several times to keep the two interchangeable.  It is being written for a mining robotics project where a laymen vehicle operator will direct a machine from the surface.  (This is a focus in South African mining, because our mines are some of the deepest on Earth (Harmony is at 3km down) and people don't want to go down there anymore).  Of course, for this application the interface must be extremely reliable and EXTREMELY simple.  It will also need to be rapidly adaptable so that an engineer can make script changes to accommodate system changes and/or operator needs.  

I'm not sure I want to compare it to rviz though, because I'm a little on my own mission designing something I fully understand and can eventually mature into a rapid application development IDE.

Inserting rosgui components should easy, although I haven't look at myself.  The graphics is rendered in a PyQt opengl window, so putting buttons, etc alongside should be no problem.  I'm documenting and polishing the python work as fast as humanly possible, but have some commitments at ICRA this week, so the final draft may come out toward the end of the month.

Best regards

Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 18:51:27 +0200
From: Dorian Scholz 

> Hi Jon,

> that looks very interesting.
> As I have been working on a GUI for ros as well I was wondering how your 
> project relates to rosgui and rviz.
> Rosgui is a GUI framework based on Python and Qt (both PyQt and PySide 
> are supported) and allows for Python and C++ plugins to show custom dialogs.
> RViz is based on C++ and Qt and offers Python bindings to use it in 
> custom GUIs (e.g. as a plugin in rosgui).

> Is your GUI using RViz via it's python bindings, or are you 
> re-implementing it's functionality?
> Could your work be used together with rosgui, e.g. as a set of plugins?

> Cheers,
> Dorian

> On 10/05/12 21:53, Jonathan Claassens wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> For the past few months I've been developing a Python scriptable GUI for ROS that can substitute for RViz, but the main focus was to create something that would allow a developer to rapidly craft a user interface for a nontechnical user.  It's still very early days and I'd hazard to call the repository even alpha yet, however anyone interested in having a look can find it at
>> https://github.com/jonclaassens/cri/wiki
>> Key features are that ROS nodes can submit scripts to the visualizer to associate them with standard rViz markers.  Scripts can be made to execute when the marker is interacted with in a number of ways.  The menu environment of the visualizer is written entirely in PyQT and interacts with a C++ core through published getter-setter functions and callbacks.
>> I'll be maturing the program over the next few weeks and adding a few tutorials.  Comments/suggestions/criticisms would be appreciated...
>> Best regards
>> Jon

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