[ros-users] remap unaffectes subscriptions

Tom Larkworthy tom.larkworthy at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:00:06 UTC 2012

I was expecting <remap> to affect the relatively addressed
subscriptions, but it doesn't seem to.

<node name="publiser" pkg="hwu_meta_data" type="publisher_node.py"/>
<!-- the following subscriber does not hear the publisher because it's
in the wrong namespace -->
<node ns="subnamespace2" name="ns_subscriber" pkg="hwu_meta_data"
type="subscriber_node.py" output="screen"/>
<!-- the remap moves BOTH the node AND its associated meta_data -->
<remap from="subnamespace3" to="/"/>
<node ns="subnamespace3" name="remapped_ns_subcriber"
pkg="hwu_meta_data" type="subscriber_node.py" output="screen"/>

Is that deliberate or am I doing something wrong?

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