[ros-users] Announcement of new repositories

Román Navarro García rnavarro at robotnik.es
Wed Nov 7 10:48:48 UTC 2012

Hi ROS community!

After some weeks at work, we are glad to announce that we have two more
repositories available:

    -*wsg50-ros-pkg*: A repository that contains the ROS driver for the
real and simulated version of the Weiss Robotics WSG 50 gripper (

    -*robotnik-powerball-ros-pkg*: A repository that includes the necessary
files for the Schunk Powerball simulation. We can control it sending
commands directly to the controller topic or via  a PS3 pad. Currently it
supports Cartesian/Euler operation. (

    Furthermore, we have updated our *Guardian repository* (
http://code.google.com/p/guardian-ros-pkg/) to be able to simulate the
robot in ROS Fuerte version. We have included the URDF and the launch files
to represent our new mobile manipulators, the *GBALL* (composed by a
Guardian integrating the two previous packages). *GWAM* robot (a Guardian
integrating the Barret WAM arm) is already available and will be uploaded

Please add the Google Code repositories to the index.

Best regards,

Román Navarro

Román Navarro García
Departamento I+D
Robotnik Automation, SLL                  Tel: (+34) 963383835
C/Berni y Catala, 53 bajo

46019 - VALENCIA - SPAIN              rnavarro at robotnik.es
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