[ros-users] Announcement: ROS package for Element microcontroller

Patrick Goebel patrick at pirobot.org
Wed Nov 14 19:14:13 UTC 2012

Hello ROS users,

I have released a new package for the Element microcontroller 
<http://www.cmrobot.com/#%21element> made by cmRobot 
<http://www.cmrobot.com/>.  Details and source code can be found at:

Documentation: http://www.ros.org/wiki/element
Source: svn http://pi-robot-ros-pkg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/element

(The source link should appear on the Wiki page on the next indexing.)

Features of the package include:

  * Support for a wide variety of commonly used sensors including sonar
    (Ping, MaxEZ1), infrared (Sharp GP2D12), temperature, current, and
    voltage (Phidgets), speech (Devantech SP03), compass (Devantech
    CMPS03), as well as generic digital and analog sensors.
  * Onboard PID controller and dual H-Bridges for driving a differential
    drive robot
  * One bipolar stepper motor
  * Support for controlling up to six hobby servos
  * Sensors are polled using a multi-threaded queue and can each run at
    their own rate
  * Connects to a PC or SBC using USB, XBee or TTL



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