[ros-users] Demonstration using OpenCV and ROS at NY HW Startup and Maker Faire

Sameer Parekh sameer at falkorsystems.com
Tue Sep 25 21:40:08 UTC 2012

Hi everyone, 
  I'm new to OpenCV and ROS so I'm happy to mention that I'll be demoing my first OpenCV/ROS project this Wednesday at the NY HW Startup Meetup and also at Maker Faire on Sunday this weekend. Here are the two links to the events: 



All the code I wrote is in a fork off of AutonomyLab's ardrone_autonomy. I probably should have created a seperate package, I know, I'll probably move all my additions into a separate package at some point. In the meantime you can pick up my code at: 


It's not documented at all, and it has evidence of numerous attempts to try different things that failed to work very well, but now it works pretty well. I finally ended up using a Haar classifier so that I could detect a person wearing a t-shirt with my company logo, and the robot follows it. The cascade detection is augmented with optical flow in case in a subsequent frame the logo gets missed by the detector. 

Hopefully this will help other people out there trying to do similar things.  

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