[ros-users] Announcing rosserial_embeddedlinux

Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Wed Sep 26 14:43:50 UTC 2012

A new package: rosserial_embeddedlinux, that's part of the rosserial stack
and gives embedded linux systems the ability to run ROS nodes is now

With the rosserial_embeddedlinux package, you can use ROS with Linux systems
that don't or can't run full-blown ROS. The package provides a ROS
communication protocol that works over your embedded linux system's wifi or
network connection (or its serial port) and communicates with a ROS message
proxy running on a native ROS system. It allows your embedded linux system
to run apps that are close to full fledged ROS nodes that can publish and
subscribe to ROS topics, provide services, and get the ROS system time over
any of the supported connection types. 

Rosserial_embeddedlinux extends the rosserial_arduino code that enabled
arduino to present a ros node. It supports multiple nodes.

A description of the architecture and overview is on the wiki here:
Tutorials including installation, and hardware-neutral and vendor-specific
examples are here:

The package is general purpose, and not tied to any particular hardware

Access to the source code and bug tracker is provided on kforge here:

ROS indexer maintainers, please add this package to the indexer.

Thanks to Mike Ferguson and Tully Foote for their encouragement at ROSCON to
build this.


Paul Bouchier
Dallas Personal Robotics Group

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