[ros-users] Announcing rosserial_embeddedlinux

Tully Foote tfoote at willowgarage.com
Wed Sep 26 21:05:57 UTC 2012

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the announcement.  This is a great extension of rosserial.  The
package has been indexed.

Your Neighborhood ROS indexers.

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 7:43 AM, Paul Bouchier <bouchier at classicnet.net>wrote:

> A new package: rosserial_embeddedlinux, that's part of the rosserial stack
> and gives embedded linux systems the ability to run ROS nodes is now
> available.
> With the rosserial_embeddedlinux package, you can use ROS with Linux
> systems
> that don't or can't run full-blown ROS. The package provides a ROS
> communication protocol that works over your embedded linux system's wifi or
> network connection (or its serial port) and communicates with a ROS message
> proxy running on a native ROS system. It allows your embedded linux system
> to run apps that are close to full fledged ROS nodes that can publish and
> subscribe to ROS topics, provide services, and get the ROS system time over
> any of the supported connection types.
> Rosserial_embeddedlinux extends the rosserial_arduino code that enabled
> arduino to present a ros node. It supports multiple nodes.
> A description of the architecture and overview is on the wiki here:
> http://ros.org/wiki/rosserial_embeddedlinux
> Tutorials including installation, and hardware-neutral and vendor-specific
> examples are here:
> http://ros.org/wiki/rosserial_embeddedlinux/Tutorials
> The package is general purpose, and not tied to any particular hardware
> vendor.
> Access to the source code and bug tracker is provided on kforge here:
> https://kforge.ros.org/projects/rosserial/
> ROS indexer maintainers, please add this package to the indexer.
> Thanks to Mike Ferguson and Tully Foote for their encouragement at ROSCON
> to
> build this.
> Regards
> Paul Bouchier
> Dallas Personal Robotics Group
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