[ros-users] Request for comment: REP 122

Bill Morris bill at iheartengineering.com
Sat Sep 29 10:14:32 UTC 2012

I'm not sure if now is the best time, but we would like to re-propose
changes for /etc at this point as we would like to ship TurtleBot and
ROS ISOs for groovy with an /etc/ros directory that provides a means of
starting ROS at bootup and configuring it using a GUI without having to
worry about config files being wiped out each time the debian packae is

Also with the TurtleBot Fuerte ISO we have been experimenting with
having an /etc/ros/launch.d directory containing launch files to be
started at bootup.

Should we propose a separate REP to deal with the system wide /etc/ros

Also, now that we have tested making .launch files double clickable, we
would like to add libnotify support to roslaunch to improve the user
experience for launch files that are slow to start. Would patches to
support this be accepted or should we continue using a wrapper?


On Fri, 2012-09-28 at 09:18 -0500, Jack O'Quin wrote: 
> Dirk and I updated REP 122 to reflect the current design of the
> install tree and of catkin.
> The previous REP 122 version was still in "Draft" status, so I updated
> that, adding a "Fuerte Differences" section to document how that
> differed from the current (Groovy Galapagos) specification.
> The latest version can be viewed conveniently from github account
> using the built-in .rst formatting:
>  https://github.com/jack-oquin/rep/blob/master/rep-0122.rst
> Please take a look and provide feedback, with replies going to
> ros-sig-buildsystem at googlegroups.com (to reduce traffic on ros-users).
> If you are not already on that mailing list, please see:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/ros-sig-buildsystem

Bill Morris <bill at iheartengineering.com>
I Heart Engineering

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