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Edwards, Shaun M. sedwards at swri.org
Fri Apr 26 17:10:27 UTC 2013

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We are delighted to invite you to attend the ROS-Industrial Basic Developer's Training class, which will be held June 4-6, at Southwest Research Institute, in San Antonio, TX. The class will provide a hands-on introduction to ROS and ROS-Industrial, and it will culminate with hardware integration exercises with live industrial robots and peripherals. The class is FREE to Full/Associate Members of the ROS-Industrial Consortium. Others may attend for a fee. For your convenience, we are also offering for you to purchase the preconfigured small form factor ROS-I PC that you will use during the class. To learn more about the class, please browse to the website: http://rosindustrial.org/ric/events.htm

Paul Hvass
RIC Program Manager
SwRI Robotics and Automation Engineering
210.522.5823<tel:210.522.5823> - W
210.896.0270<tel:210.896.0270> - M
Paul.Hvass at swri.org<mailto:Paul.Hvass at swri.org>

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