[ros-users] RVIZ config file strange behavior

Ivan Dryanovski ivan.dryanovski at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 16:57:39 UTC 2013


I am using the following rviz config file:


It has 4 PointCloud2 fields. This is the sequence steps I perform.

 1. Start rviz and load the vcg file
 2. Set all the displays to "enabled"
 3. Save the .vcg file and quit rviz
 4. Start rviz and load the vcg file

At this point, only 2 of the 4 PointCloud2 displays load up as enabled
("Features" and "Model"). The other two are not selected. I inspected
the vcg file in a text editor, and it looks like all 4 displays have

Can anyone reproduce this behavior, and is this possibly a bug? I am
running fuerte on Ubuntu 12.04.

Thanks for the help,


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