[ros-users] Announcing package differential_drive

Jon Stephan jfstepha at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 03:40:41 UTC 2013

Hi ROS users,

I'd like to announce the differential_drive package.  This provides some of
the low level nodes needed to interface a differential drive robot to the
navigation stack.  I think this will be especially useful for beginning
hobby roboticists like myself, and it provides the following nodes:

   - diff_tf - Provides the base_link transform.
   - pid_velocity - A basic PID controller with a velocity target.
   - twist_to_motors - Translates a twist to two motor velocity targets
   - virtual_joystick - A small GUI to control the robot.

The ROS wiki page (with links to tutorials) can be found here:

My hacked K'nex robot is an example using this package:

This is my first released package, I hope someone out there finds it useful.

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