[ros-users] What is LGPL licensed in roscpp_core metapackage?

Lukas Bulwahn Lukas.Bulwahn at bmw-carit.de
Fri Feb 8 14:21:19 UTC 2013

It is harmless, but I want to use the license information for automatic checks of licensing issues. 
So it might be nice if the information is set up correctly.


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On 08.02.2013 14:46, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
> Or is this simply a glitch in the package.xml and the line with LGPL should be removed?
It is a glitch., though harmless:

The licenses in the metapackage package.xml only affect the files inside the metapackage folder itself, so really only that package.xml itself.

Packages are not "part of" a metapackage, they are merely "referenced by" zero to many metapackages.
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