[ros-users] where is rosmake built in the groovy build from source sequence

Robert Teeter bteeter2006 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 16:35:10 UTC 2013

I have followed the document "Installing on Ubuntu from source". I am building on a Raspberry PI using raspbain.
Fuerte builds and installs in this environment. I have been able to get to section 2.2.3 "Build the ROS Stack" 

and then the problem occurs.
It appears that when building the catkin system the basic commands should be built but they are not.
I have searched the tree from /opt/ros/groovy level and the only rosmake found is at catkin_ws/src/rosmake.
It appears either that the command has not been built or installed in the correct location.
Where in the build sequence does rosmake get created and installed.
And is the correct location for the executable in /opt/ros/groovy/bin or in /usr/local/bin.

Is there a generic porting instructions available or is the best I am going to do is the above document?

Bob Teeter
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