[ros-users] What is the correct way to install a python node with catkin?

contradict contradict at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 23:32:18 UTC 2013

After following the tutorial here
using the catkin build system, I would like to install the resulting node.

If I run the talker.py node like this

    ~/Desktop/workspace$ . devel/setup.bash
    ~/Desktop/workspace$ rosrun beginner_tutorial talker.py

everything works fine.

However, if I try to install and run, the node cannot be found

    ~/Desktop/workspace$ make -C build install
    <snip build output>
    ~/Desktop/workspace$ . install/setup.bash
    ~/Desktop/workspace$ rosrun beginner_tutorial talker.py
    [rosrun] Couldn't find executable named talker.py below

What do I need to add so that the node is installed in such a way that
rosrun can find it?
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