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Adolfo Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian adolfo.rodriguez at pal-robotics.com
Tue Jan 29 12:21:31 UTC 2013

>>       I am interested in learning
>>       whether there is het another "meta"-level on top of that :-)
>> Good, keep us posted! We happen to be doing the same thing in house the
>> last week(s)... More difficult than I thought at the beginning to get it
>> "right" _and_ "reusable" in more contexts than just this one of controller
>> management.
>> So, are you also implementing something similar?.
> yes! Azamat is taking the lead in this effort, and he showed me some
> prototype. It is not yet clear when something workable can be released.
>  Are there any additional valuable lessons that can be shared?.
> I don't know what you call 'valuable' but the main reason that started
> Azamat's work is to get a computational support for "tree-structured
> algorithms with multiple sweeps", such as:
> - Model-Predictive Control
> - Bayesian networks, Markov random fiels, Factor graphs
> - control diagrams
> - tree-structured dynamical systems
> The common thing behind all these use cases are the things I mentioned:
> separating the schedule from the model and the execution; generate code
> from a domain-independent 'template implementation' with domain-dependent
> plug-in functions; (immutable) data management; deployment onto various
> software "containers".

I'll keep an open eye on his work. The scope of his work is much broader
than what I'm attempting here.

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