[ros-users] ROS platform group meeting notes

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Wed Jan 30 11:11:17 UTC 2013

Hi Mike,

On 30.01.2013 06:42, Michael Gratton wrote:
> While the
> intent is very muuch appreciated, just copying meeting notes to a wiki
> doesn't cut it at all.
> Rather, the platform group and other meetings need to be held on IRC,
> for example, not in a meeting room. Discussions need to occur on (open,
> archived with a stable URL and search-able) mailing lists rather than in
> person. ros.org needs to become the primary place one can go to for
> finding code, plans and documentation. Etc., etc.
> If you want community participation, you need openness and transparency.
> This has to be the case even if most, or all of the people involved are
> WG employees, otherwise the community won't bother to participate,
> because it can't.
The meetings and meeting notes are not meant to substitute
for technical discussions in mailing lists.
Rather discussions in the meetings are meant as an addition
to the mailing lists to improve the speed and quality of
problem resolution whenever the mailing list process
becomes too cumbersome for a given problem (and only then).
Technical results then also go back into mailing lists.

The meeting notes rather serve the purpose that the wider
audience can check what goes on and see whether a discussion
happened that should go onto a mailing list for the reasons you


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