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William Woodall william at osrfoundation.org
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On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 12:19 PM, Hunter Allen
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>  Hey all,
> I've never done this before... New to the whole open source community. I
> sent links to the new repositories, and I was just wondering what I need to
> do next... The P2OS driver is meant to replace the broken-since-fuerte
> package that currently exists.

Great! I'm sure people in the community will find this useful.

> My question: how do I go about announcing this, and how do I modify the
> wiki so that it knows my package exists?

Whether your are using catkin or rosbuild, you can get your package
documented on the wiki by following these instructions:


If you are replacing a package with the same name, then I would first say
you need to get in contact with the author of the current package and see
if he is ok with you doing that. If he is, or you cannot get a hold of him,
then you can release your version for new versions of ROS OR you can
release your package under a slightly different name.  Either way the above
link will get your code into the ros.org/wiki. If you choose to release
your package under a different name (to prevent confusion) you can edit the
current p2os wiki page to point to your new p2os driver: ros.org/wiki/p2os

> Here is the link, again: https://github.com/allenh1/p2os
> Any and all advice is welcome! I have been using ROS for a while now, and
> I'm excited to contribute to such an amazing piece of open-source software.
> I'd also like to help with the REP's, but don't know how to get started.

The REP's are usually championed by a SIG, a list of which is here:


There are some REP's that are not associated with SIG's, however, so you
can see a list of proposed changes and additions to all the REP's here:


Other general information about REP's can be found in REP-0001:


Finally, we try to reserve the ros-user's mailing list for announcements,
so questions like these are usually best asked on:


See our support guidelines for future questions:


Thanks for your contributions!

> thanks,
> -Hunter Allen
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> Vanderbilt University
> Human-Machine Teaming Lab
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