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Edwards, Shaun M. sedwards at swri.org
Tue Mar 12 16:09:09 UTC 2013


ROS-Industrial (http://rosindustrial.org/ ) is an exciting new program to leverage ROS for industrial automation and robotics.  The program is a result of my work as a visiting researcher at Willow Garage last year.  What started as a simple project has grown into a community driven effort over the past year (much like ROS but not as big, yet).  With the goal of growing the ROS-Industrial community and increasing the support for industrial robot platforms, I would like to solicit your help.  We have two needs, basic driver development and advanced driver development.

Basic Driver Development (http://ros.org/wiki/Industrial/Industrial_Robot_Driver_Spec ):

Over the past year we have worked to create basic drivers for the major industrial robot vendors.  We are well on our way with current support for ABB, Adept, Fanuc, Motoman, and Universal.  We are currently in need of developers for Kuka, Comau, and Kawasaki robots.  We have developed tools and libraries to facilitate development, so the amount of driver development can be minimal.

Advanced Driver Development(http://ros.org/wiki/Industrial/Industrial_Robot_Driver_Spec/future ):

The goal of advanced driver development is to add functions and capabilities to the basic drivers that would be needed to deploy a real-life robot work cell.  We have brainstormed some of these requirements (see link above), but would like to get community input as well.  We'd also like community help in adding these capabilities to the existing drivers for all supported robot vendors.

If you have an interest in helping, please contact me(or reply to this email).  Thank you for your consideration,

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