[ros-users] New Groovy Packages Released

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Tue Mar 5 13:17:19 UTC 2013

Hi Jack,

On 04.03.2013 14:52, Jack O'Quin wrote:
> Converting additional packages to catkin should wait until Hydro. That 
> is much too disruptive a change for a bug-fix release of Groovy.

This was discussed in the platform group meeting on the 29th of January.

 From what i can remember and gather from the meeting notes, we agreed 
on something like not officially recommending to catkinize within a 
distro, but also not refusing that. I wrote that up as "Porting dry 
Groovy packages to catkin in groovy-devel branch is okay to do, but 
should only be done if users are aware and demanding. Else to do in 
But that was my formulation from memory, the actual meeting protocol is 
not very detailed on this point.

Else in the meeting we said Tully would write up an announcement on 
ros-users, but that action item may have been forgotten due to other 
events, so that decision was not communicated well, I guess.


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