[ros-users] Upcoming ROS Workshop in China

Andrew Pether (潘安迪) robotics at gaitech.net
Wed Nov 6 22:29:49 UTC 2013

Gaitech will be holding a workshop in Shanghai later this month to 
encourage the development of ROS in China, if you are in the area please 
get involved!

The Future of ROS and its applications

This workshop aims to discuss recent developments within ROS, and how 
they can be best utilized by Robotics researchers in China. With 
speakers from a number of top robotics institutions, and featuring 
sessions on trajectory planning in MoveIt, integrating your platform 
into ROS and computer vision, this is sure to be one of the best ROS 
events in China this year.

We would love to hear about the ROS research you're involved in, if 
you'd like to present your research in the end-user discussion session 
please let us know.

Contact us now to reserve your place!

For more information go to: http://www.gaitech.net/engine/news.php?id=34 

Dates: 23^rd /24^th November 2013

Location: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xuhui Campus.

Registration Contact: marketing at gaitech.net <mailto:marketing at gaitech.net>


本 次研讨会旨在探讨ROS近 阶段的发展,以及如何被中国机器人研究人员更好的 
利用。来自顶尖机器人研究机构的发言者,独具特色的MoveIt路 径规划、机器人 
平台集成以及机器视觉等议题,将使这次研讨会成为ROS在 中国最重大的事件之一。

我 们非常希望倾听到您在ROS领 域的研究,如果您愿意在最终用户研讨会上展示 

会议安排信 息:http://www.gaitech.net/engine/news.php?id=34 


会议地点:上海市上海交通大 学(徐汇校区)机械与动力楼101室

联系 人:魏女士

电 话:18021014285021-51098309邮 箱:marketing at gaitech.net 
<mailto:marketing at gaitech.net>

Andrew Pether
Technical Manager
Shanghai Gaitech Scientific Instruments Co. Ltd.

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