[ros-users] (New package announcement) rtmros_nextage

Isaac Isao Saito 130s at lateeye.net
Fri Nov 8 20:52:58 UTC 2013

Dear ros-users,

TORK (Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association) is pleased to
announce a new package, rtmros_nextage.


This package provides a ROS client for Nextage Open [1], an opensource
version of a industrial robot from Kawada Robotics. Even without the
real robot, this package allows you to test the robot's 15-DOF
capability by using MoveIt! on RViz. It is also compatible with
OpenRTM (that's where the package name `rtm` is taken from).

While the robot met some of you at IROS 2013, it is still exhibited at
iREX (Intl. Robot Exhibition) in Tokyo [2] through Saturday at
Kawada's section.

We thank the early adapters: Urko Esnaola (Tecnalia), Kenji Miyake,
Kazuto Murase (U-Tokyo), Naoki Akiba (Yamagata U.) to name a few.
Since the package is still in experimental status and the usage isn't
fully documented yet, we'd highly appreciate your feedback on our
github repository.

Happy opensource robotics!

Kei Okada, Isaac Saito from TORK

[1] http://nextage.kawada.jp/
[2] http://www.nikkan.co.jp/eve/irex/english/

Isao Isaac Saito
Software Engineer, Co-founder
TORK (Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association) / 東京オープンソースロボティクス協会

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