[ros-users] ROS Labview announcement

Smith, Christopher J. Christopher_J.Smith at tufts.edu
Wed Oct 16 13:48:06 UTC 2013

The Mechanical Engineering Department and the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University are releasing an alpha version of a ROS client library for Labview with the goal of creating a platform independent and intuitive ROS environment. In its current state, the library supports publishers, subscribers, and service clients on predefined topics and contains a partial implementation for the Baxter Research Robot from Rethink Robotics. The library was built in Labview 2010 on OS X and has been tested successfully in Windows 7.
This is a prerelease and should not be expected to remain stable. UI and structural changes should be expected along with further feature support. Find more information, including download links, on the blog at http://www.ros.org/news/2013/10/ros-for-labview-preview-from-tufts-ceeo.html

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