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Very cool!

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On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 9:48 AM, Smith, Christopher J. <
Christopher_J.Smith at tufts.edu> wrote:

> The Mechanical Engineering Department and the Center for Engineering
> Education and Outreach at Tufts University are releasing an alpha version
> of a ROS client library for Labview with the goal of creating a platform
> independent and intuitive ROS environment. In its current state, the
> library supports publishers, subscribers, and service clients on predefined
> topics and contains a partial implementation for the Baxter Research Robot
> from Rethink Robotics. The library was built in Labview 2010 on OS X and
> has been tested successfully in Windows 7.
> This is a prerelease and should not be expected to remain stable. UI and
> structural changes should be expected along with further feature support.
> Find more information, including download links, on the blog at
> http://www.ros.org/news/2013/10/ros-for-labview-preview-from-tufts-ceeo.html
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