[ros-users] ROS Kong 2014 Speakers Announced

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Thu Apr 17 19:32:00 UTC 2014

We're happy to announce the lineup of invited speakers for ROS Kong

   - Kei Okada <http://www.jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~k-okada/index-e.html>,
   University of Tokyo
   - Paulo Borges <http://www.ict.csiro.au/staff/paulo.borges/>, CSIRO
   - Wyatt Newman <http://engineering.case.edu/profiles/wsn>, Case Western
   University / University of Hong Kong
   - Noriaki Ando <https://staff.aist.go.jp/n-ando/index.html>, METI / AIST
   - Daniel Stonier <https://github.com/stonier>, Yujin Robot Innovation

We're thrilled to host such an esteemed group of speakers who represent so
many different aspects of the Australasian ROS community, from research to
product development.

Reminder: the early
is April 30th.

ROS Kong 2014 Organizing Committee

roskong-2014-oc at osrfoundation.org
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